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Why choose to ReManufacture with SpiralWeld™ rather than buy OEM?

Significant cost savings:

  • We can ReManufacture most parts considered to be beyond economical repair.
  • Reduced cost of holding stock spare parts due to shorter product lead times.
  • Reliable and trustworthy service – No tricks on price!
  • Dramatic delivery time reductions.
  • Remanufacturing usually takes days or weeks, not months or years to deliver!
  • Time for ReManufacture Plus is often the same as ReManufacture.
  • Guaranteed Quality to ISO 9001 – 2015

Clients looking for recycling opportunities benefit because ReManufacture uses only a fraction of the energy and resources required to make a new part.

SpiralWeld™ Key Services:


We take the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solution and remake it through a process that recycles the core value of the original part or assembly, incorporating the advantages of:

  • Technological progress
  • Improvements identified from operational experience
  • Elimination of known operational weaknesses

The part is returned to full working condition with a service life at least equal to a new part. This is achieved with the original material type, or where the material is obsolete a current alternative with suitable material properties.

ReManufacture Plus.

We take the OEM solution and remake it better-than-new! Through our problem evaluation, redesign, and re-engineering process, we can reduce your component failure rates and make your operations more reliable. ReManufacture Plus brings all the benefits of ReManufacture, with the added advantages of:

  • Improved service life – Mean time between failures (MTBF) over a new standard part
  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • Reduced lost production costs

We remanufacture the part using an upgrade material with superior properties selected to suit the service conditions. This can include a range of special surface finishing processes to enhance the component life even further. We apply our ReManufacture Plus process to the production of new replacement parts and to upgrade new OEM spares.

What are the advantages of ReManufacture Plus?

Could the component become more durable and reliable – YES – because traditional spares often resolve short term problems leaving the failure mode and its root cause in place.

‘ReManufacture Plus’ offers the opportunity to enhance the component and improve its in service life. Spiral welding is a structural repair which can improve the mechanical strength and surface properties of the component. This offers the opportunity for the development of recovery / re-engineering solutions. The particular benefit of rapid repair times promotes cost effective maintenance decisions, possible when plant has been inspected, to achieve the objective of enhancing the in-service life of a component.

Typically we establish the component’s current in-service operating conditions, understand if the operating conditions have changed since the original design and include any new operating conditions when formulating the enhanced life solution for the component.

SpiralWeld™ Key Services:

Business Benefits of SpiralWeld™

Assessing the Savings.

SpiralWeld™ understands the increasing commercial pressure to reduce downtime and associated costs without jeopardising your plant integrity. We bring the following benefits to your cause:

  • Breakdown times and lost production revenue minimised by ReManufacture & ReManufacture Plus solutions.
  • Components once considered scrap, can be recovered to full service at a fraction of the cost of a new component.
  • Maintenance decisions can be made when plant condition is known due to quick turn round ReManufacture.
  • Strategic plans can include ReManufacture solutions allowing reduction in stock holding and associated costs.
  • ReManufacture Plus new parts including upgrades
    at reduced cost compared to OEM.
  • Our workmanship is backed by a one year warranty

Support Services.

We also provide business and consultancy solutions, not just technical or design solutions. We will investigate the problem and the impact it has on your business and then develop the best solution, keeping you involved at every stage of the process. Furthermore, if we find that working to specifications will not achieve the optimum solution for your business, we will offer you  a cost effective alternative. A typical project programme will include:

  • Visit the site to assess the problem.
  • Collect and clean the part; closely inspect it; put it through a non-destructive testing routine to evaluate the damage.
  • Use 3D co-ordinate measuring (FARO Arm) to determine exact dimensions and profiles. Any shape can be measured and recorded.
  • Use data collected to produce CAD drawings.
  • Discuss repair options and improvement possibilities with you
  • Develop repair procedures.
  • Issue a report on the extent of the damage, as well as the proposed solution and a time and cost estimate. Offer an alternative for a replacement part if the original part is beyond economical repair.
  • Produce all required documentation.
  • Produce technical data, process specifications and reports to meet your preferences.
  • Carry out the work under properly controlled and documented conditions with full provenance for all materials to ISO 9001 2008 standard.


  • You save time and money as opposed to the OEM part. Even parts once considered beyond repair, or obsolete, have a new life.
  • Savings from reduced cost of holding stock spare parts.
  • You’ll have confidence that the part will work optimally.
  • Parts that are considered scrap are also possible recycling opportunities – only a fraction of the energy and natural resources required to make a new part is needed for ReManufacture.
  • Our workmanship is backed by a one year warranty.