IPS Drive Shafts

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Project Description

IPS Drive Shafts

Integrated propulsion systems are installed in many pleasure Boats, Speed Boats and luxury motor yachts.

The Problem

With time the gearbox water/oil seals wear the original shaft materials and allow water to pass the seal into the gearbox and contaminate the lubrication oil with the risk of drive system failure. This mechanism affects both contra-rotating propeller shafts. Materials of manufacture vary between 316 Stainless, 2205 duplex and in some cases composite welded materials all are subject to this type of seal wear.

The Solution

SpiralWeld™ ReManufacture+ both IPS contra-rotating shafts with an Incoloy overlay on the seal surface. The Incoloy upgrade overlay materials have excellent corrosion resistant properties coupled with work hardening in service to prevent the oil seal from wearing the shaft surface.

This SpiralWeld™ innovative upgrade to these critical marine drive components increases the mean time to failure of these already used parts at a fraction of the cost of replacement.