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Energy Sector:

Power Generation:

We’ve undertaken mission-critical work to the highest levels of precision for the most critical components across all plant areas, including extreme high-pressure conditions  – from water control valves and fuel oil systems to major fans and the repair and recovery of a rotor shaft for an Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor gas circulator at 6.5% of the OEM replacement cost with a time saving of 18 months.

Clients that rely on our expertise in this sector include:

Oil & Gas:

In this sector, rather than dealing with temperature or pressure extremes, we often have to deal with extremes of a chemical nature, like concentrated Nitric acid. Some assignments involve the challenging task of welding dissimilar exotic materials together.

Clients that rely on our expertise in this sector include:
BP, Esso, ExxonMobil

Other Key Sectors:

Process Industries:

This often involves working on chemical and rubber production machinery parts as well as food production machinery and pharmaceutical process equipment. These machines are often prone to both erosion and corrosion due to the granular type of materials used in production. ReManufacture Plus is often carried out on these parts and for this reason some machines that are over 50 years old are still in service.

Clients that rely on our expertise in this sector include:
ExxonMobil, Pura Foods

Water Utilities:

We frequently work on potable and wastewater pumps, macerators, valves, air compressors and fans. We also have experience in dealing with a wide range of equipment sizes from small to massive – some of them part assemblies – for example we repair pump shafts with the impeller still attached to it in order to save time, cost and risk of damage from difficult dismantling. Pump impeller details can be changed to adjust the duty point for greater efficiency.


We have worked with the marine industry since our inception, repairing such critical items as tailshaft liners, propeller shafts, pumps and valves and ReManufacture Plus parts for marine diesel engines.

Tailshaft liners can be subject to our ReManufacture Plus process to give a significantly improved wear life and not subject to crevice corrosion problems, and propeller shafts have been successfully ReManufactured and improved by our ReManufacture Plus process for more than twenty years.

Some of our clients that have relied on our expertise in this sector:
RNLI, Wartsilla– Deep sea seals, City cruises– London, MOD– UK, US & Malta.